Simplifying the Hipster Household Part 1: Becoming a 1 Car Family?

We are trying to simplify our lives here in the Hipster Household. We already live pretty modestly, but we are trying to be even more so. These days, can anyone really afford to be anything but frugal? I literally know where EVERY penny we have gets spent. I have no other choice. Yes, Kev is hoping to get a job in a higher paying district next school year, but there are no guarantees. We have to not only live wihtin our means, but we have to try to somehow get ahead as well.

After careful consideration (and being sick of giant repair bills!) we have decided to sell one of our vehicles. It’s costing us WAY too much money, stress, and of course, there’s the environmental element. Kevin teaches about 5 miles away. He can easily get a ride to work with a coworker when I need the car. Also, I teach on evenings and weekends, when he is home, so other than births, I don’t really need the car that often. I know that it won’t be easy, and we will have to keep our schedules very coordinated, but I know that it is doable. With the money we would get from selling one of the cars, we would be out of debt, and we could save anywhere from $120-$200 a month or more! Being without a car means no stupid trips for unneeded (and unhealthy!) fast food, no impulse buying, and no $70 fill-ups at the gas station. It also means our car insurance bill will be cut IN HALF. That’s a savings of $600 a year in and of itself. When we wrote all these things out, the decision seemed obvious.

Now, we just have to sell the damn car, and hope the other one doesn’t suddenly die on us once this one is gone. So, if you know anyone who is looking for a van, in good condition, let me know!

Also, I would like to hear from those of you who are 1 car families. How do you make it work? Do you think it’s worth the extra money you save? 

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