A Progress Report on my Uterus (and Why Maya Abdominal Massage is AMAZING)

So, for the past month or so, I have been getting Mayan Abdominal massages. These massages can help to relieve congestion on the abdomen, as well as help your ligaments and joints be in the optimal position in your pelvic region. This is all very important for conception and pregnancy itself. There are about a dozen ligaments that hold the uterus in place! Not to mention the many that are in and around the pelvis. I feel so awesome after these massages, and it makes me feel like I’m actually doing SOMETHING to help this whole baby-making process.

This past cycle was so different. I’ve been doing the self-care massage that my massage therapist recommended, as well as castor oil packs, taking Vitex, Vitamin B12, and extra folic acid. The beginning of my cycle was just like any other. I charted my temperature, along with cervical mucus and position. Then, on Day 16 or 17 I got a massage, and I ovulated! This is big for me, because I normally ovulate around Day 19 or 20! Needless to say, there was a lot of “baby dancing” going on in our house at that time. Around 3 days after ovulation I started to get some brown-ish spotting, just like I did with Sawyer. It lasted for about 4 days and then went away. My temperatures at this time were also very high for me. I never really get above 98.4 in the second half of my cycle, but this time they were well above 99! I also had very sore and veiny boobs, my mouth tasted like blood,  I had horrible insomnia, and I also threw up a couple of times out of nowhere. I thought for sure this was it!

Fast forward to Day 30- I get my period. Okay, so it’s really now Day 1. Ugh. I was so bummed out. My temperature still hadn’t dropped, but I was very crampy and knew I was out this cycle. I’m at least happy that I had a normal length luteal phase (12 or 13 days, with the 29 day cycle!) and that is big progress for me. Then, later that morning I had an insane emotional meltdown. I mean, I cried for HOURS. Hard, snotty, gross crying. It wasn’t even about the fact that I got my period. It was mostly about how sick my mom is, and that the longer I go without getting pregnant, the more of a chance there is that she’ll never meet my next baby. I called Mr. Hipster while he was on his plan period and he couldn’t even understand me. I think he half expected to come home and find me gone. I was so unbelievably upset and I couldn’t stop the flood of tears no matter what I did. I have never in my life cried that much in one day. Not even when people died.

Day2 of new cycle- Everything stops. I get about 2 spots of blood all day. Weird. Temperature is still high. I tell myself that if things don’t pick up by the morning, I will test.

Day3- Temp drops a full degree (but still high for me during my period), and I am GUSHING blood. Like a freaking waterfall. I was also having such horrible cramps that I couldn’t move. I had to use HypnoBirthing to get through them. I also noticed that they were coming about 3 minutes apart, and lasting about 60-90 seconds. I honest to God felt like I was in labor. I am now on Day 6, and about at the end of my period. Thank goodness. This has been the worst one of my life!

I truly believe that something happened this cycle. I felt so different than I ever have since we started trying to have a baby 14 long months ago. Maybe we had conception, but no implantation? Maybe it was some of the congestion moving out of my uterus? Either way, it’s progress. I know that a baby is coming to us soon. I also know that the massages are to thank for all of this happening! The self care is great for men, too. Mr. Hipster has been doing it along with me. He’s also going to start taking some herbs this cycle, just to help rule out any issues on his end, since he did have some “man part issues” when he was younger.

This cycle I’m doing a few more things to help the process. I am increasing the amount of Vitex I take (I was previously taking the lowest recommended dosage), I will be doing vaginal steam baths, using a very, very low dose progesterone cream, getting acupuncture done (my first appointment is on Saturday!), and on the advice of a very clever friend, I will be putting in my Diva Cup after sex. Hopefully in about a month I will have great news to report to all of you!

If you are interested in learning more about Maya Abdominal Massage, please contact Melissa here. She’s awesome. You won’t regret it! 


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I had a friend do vaginal steam baths. It really sounds fascinating. Also reading this I couldn't help but think that both your body and your emotions were getting cleansed. The very, very, very best of luck to you.

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